Surya Shakti - Fire up the sun within

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 30+ min practice

Ages 7+
Moderate intensity


Surya means “Sun,” and Shakti means “Energy”. 

Surya Shakti is an 18-step yogic practice which focuses on strengthening the sinews that hold your skeletal system — and your entire body — together. While it may not be geared towards pumping up your muscles, Surya Shakti is a very physically demanding practice. And with just 108 Surya Shakti cycles a day, you’ll never need any other form of exercise. 


Benefits of Surya Shakti:

- Increases stamina and physical strength 

- Increases energy levels 

- Increases mental focus and makes the mind more alert

- Increases the strength of sinews and ligaments, making the body fitter

- Forms a basis for moving on to higher states of energy


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