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Nature Cure Healing Program

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What is Nature Cure?

It is a non-traditional and non-medicinal approach to understanding health. An individual's health is not gauged by symptoms or lack thereof.

Nature Cure facilitates the proper environment and conditions for the human body to operate at its optimum level of health. The theory behind it is that prevention is better than cure. The healing should be aimed at the root cause rather than treating only the symptoms which appear on the surface. "Disease" is a by-product of the violation of the body's many requirements and the only real cure is to correct these violations, not suppress the symptoms with medicines. Once you start practicing this approach, you will wonder how this simple wisdom has eluded so many of us today.

Using the understanding of Nature Cure, Abhaya will be guiding you through dietary and lifestyle changes that will bring the body, mind, and energy to optimal health. These are personalized sessions conducted over zoom and will be held one-on-one.

The facilitaors are not certified medical doctors and do not take responsibility of 'curing' diseases but rather focus on bringing a natural harmony and balance to the body using natural systems.