Eye Care & Shanmukhi Mudra

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Venue: 11209 Bluff Canyon Dr. Austin, Texas 78754United States

*Pre-requisite: Should be practicing Upa-Yoga/ Angamardana/ Surya Shakti/ Surya Kriya/ Yogasanas regularly.

25 min practice

Age: 8+

Low Intensity

Our eyes are a window to the world, but because of the presence of multiple screens around us at any given time, our eye muscles gradually lose flexibility which often causes myopia or hypermetropia.  

Our eye care practices offer are a natural way through yogic practices, to improve vision-related issues. The Eye Care Program has been designed to correct these anomalies, reducing our need to wear glasses or undergo corrective eye surgery. This program also helps enhance concentration and relaxes tired eyes, making sure our eyes stay healthy. 

Benefits of Eye Care Practice:  

  • Strengthens the eye muscles 
  • Improves eyesight
  • Helps relieve eye strain from prolonged exposure to computers, relaxing the eyes
  • Recommended for those with Myopia and Hypermetropia


Shanmukhi mudra is a simple but subtle practice that brightens and rejuvenates the face and eyes and brings about a state of balance leading toward increased awareness and meditativeness.

Benefits of Shanmukhi mudra practice: 

  • Improves Vision
  • Brightens the eyes and rejuvenates different parts of the face
  • Helps with ailments related to nose, ears, and eyes
  • Helps relieve Vertigo and Tinnitus
  • Brings about mental balance and enhances awareness


Book your spots now to experience this unique opportunity to receive the most precious & ancient Yogic process in a consecrated Space in Austin at Yoga Netri.

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