Why yoga at the workplace? 

It probably comes as no surprise that 89% of the workforce have reported experiencing high levels of stress at work. The direct impact of their reduced productivity and efficiency can be felt in the pace and scale of growth for any organisation. More than ever before, there is now a critical need to manage the increasing mental and physical stress experienced by employees.

Yoga for corporates


Why Yoga Netri for Corporate Yoga?

We take corporate yoga session online/ offlineA 1750-hour certified Isha Hatha Yoga teacher will join you weekly online at your workplace.

We Guide You Through - A series of guided yoga and meditation classes designed for the busy corporate work environment.

Your Staff Are More Productive - Walk out of this experience feeling energized and refreshed. You will be more efficient and focused on the work you do right after.

Your Business is More Successful - The cumulative effect of efficient workers will stimulate business as well as create a healthy and joyful work environment for employees.


Benefits of Corporate Yoga 


Improve Posture

Relief of head, neck and back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, high blood pressure and work-related injuries from repetitive motion.

Yoga for corporates

Relief from stress

Decline in stress-related sick occurrences. Employees are happy and full of energy, and as a result, more productive.

Better Flexibility

Healthier employees resulting in lower healthcare & absenteeism related costs & Happier employees with greater overall satisfaction leading to higher employee retention rates.

Improve Mental Focus

Improved concentration, decision-making skills and ability to multi-task.

Our Clients Share

"It was an excellent and very rejuvenating experience attending the program. Since the time I started doing the practices taught, I feel more fit. Headaches and asthma have almost disappeared. I am able to focus better, be more calm and more relaxed."
-   Independent Leadership & Management Consultant, Indian Oil
“The Yoga instructor’s guidance and making individuals learn with their pace and improve with periodic feedback were the most vital aspects of the program." 
- Marketing Manager, GMG Technotrades


"My awareness improved in whatever I do. I am able to handle critical situations with patience and make appropriate decisions. My mind is always with focus. My digestive process and immunity has improved."

-   IT Professional, HCL Technologies


Pick your corporate yoga program  

Energize and Burn (Total Duration:13 hours Session Duration: 2 hours)

The Energize and Burn program is designed to strengthen employees' health, build up stamina and cut out extra calories to make them feel light. The ultimate goal is to harmonize the body and mind, to enhance productivity.


The program includes;

Angamardana: Master the Limbs

Thopukarnam   : Brain Yoga

Chita Shakti: Meditation for Health


Peace & Balance    (Total Duration:13 hours session Duration: 2 hours)

The Peace & Balance program is for corporate houses, to relieve employees from a chronic health condition, stabilize the body & mind, and energy system. And, endorse the body and mind towards higher possibilities.



The program includes;

Yogasanas: A select set of 21 asanas to stabilize the body, mind, and energy system.

BhastrikaKriya: Balances Vata, kapha& pita, improves respiration & brain function

Chit Shakti:   Meditation for Peace


Vitality and Vigor  (Total Duration:11 hours Session Duration: 2 hours)

The Vitality & Vigor program is ideal for professionals. The practice of this program increases mental clarity and focus balances hormonal levels and prepares for deeper states of meditation.

The program includes; 

Surya Kriya: Process for health and complete inner well-being

Nadi Shudhi: Cleanses the nadis to balance the system and psychological well-being

Chit Shakti: Meditation for Success

Note: Each module consists of 11 hours of duration followed by 2 guided/corrections of one hour each in two consecutive weeks after the workshop.

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