About Us

Why Yoga Netri

After learning and imbibing Classical Hatha Yoga practices at the feet of Sadhguru himself for almost a decade, Abhaya and Pippala Balaji laid the foundation for Yoga Netri in 2016. They began their journey with a singular purpose -- to offer the purest form of Classical Hatha Yoga to everyone. 

Taught as workshops, the sessions use detailed videos and corrections that enable one to practice independently after the workshop is complete - no matter where you might be. 

These yogic practices are currently being practiced by over 7 million people worldwide.

At Yoga Netri all teachers are certified by Isha Foundation, have trained for a minimum of 1,750 hours, and have at least 3 years of experience teaching corporates, groups, children, patients and adults. Whether this is your first yoga class, or you have been practicing for decades, our attention to detail and depth in practices sets our unique teaching style apart from the rest. 

Once the workshop is complete, we encourage you to join our active community of yogis across the globe. 


Founder, Abhaya Balaji

I founded Yoga Netri in 2016 with the vision of transforming the experience of human life through the practices of Classical Hatha Yoga. Unadulterated, these practices have been passed on carefully through of lineage of timeless yogis, only to be delivered to you. Six of my students inspired by by the power of the practices and the change that it brings to system, have themselves chosen the path of becoming teachers. 

A photographer, a journalist, author and singer, I enjoy many roles but that of a teacher is the closest to my heart.