Yogasanas – Creating Health, Joy and Blissfulness

Yogasanas is a powerful process to enhance perception, and create a chemistry of health, joy and blissfulness. Yoga Netri is a hatha Yoga studio in Austin, is coming up with Yogasanas workshop. Take a step toward your wellbeing at our September special Yogasanas workshop and experience the powerful process to enhance perception and create a chemistry of health, joy, and blissfulness.

When you are trying to do hatha yoga, the biggest barrier is the limitations of your body and mind. What should have been a stepping stone has turned into an obstacle, simply because they have not explored it considerably.

After a profound and thorough exploration of the human system, the yogic system identified 84 asanas as yogasanas, 84 postures through which you can transform your body and mind into a great possibility for your ultimate well-being. 

Taking charge of your life

The body is a constant manifestation of various levels of compulsiveness, depending upon the type of information that has gone into the system. This information determines how much compulsiveness you suffer from, and how much freedom you naturally enjoy within yourself. 

This is what a yogasana means – you are taking charge of your life. You are transforming your body and mind into a possibility in your life. It is becoming a passage, not a block.

Enhancing perception

An individual human being becomes who he or she is only because of what he or she perceives. You are who you are right now only because of what you have perceived in your life until now, and you will be who you will be only because of what you will perceive in the future. The whole system of yoga is about enhancing perception.

If you hold the posture right, if your alignment is right, it matches with the cosmic alignment in some way. 

Yogasanas are a powerful means to connect. Do not forget, that yoga means union. Union means two have become one. There are only two in existence – you and the rest of existence. In the rest of existence, you may identify individual entities, but essentially, there are only two – you and the rest of existence – because there are only two dimensions of experience within you. You do not know what is up and down in this cosmos. You do not know what is forward and backward. These are all things that we have made up for convenience. Essentially, there are only two dimensions of experience – inner experiences and outer experiences.

Even the most wonderful qualities that one may have will go waste, simply because of lack of balance. Hatha yoga brings this balance.

Yoga is about creating a union between these two dimensions – inner and outer, you and the rest, you and the other. When there is no “you” and “the other,” when there is just “you” and “you,” that is yoga. Asanas are a physical form of approaching this ultimate union because the physical body is the easiest thing to work with. The body is a more reliable factor. If you work with it sensibly, the yogasanas can lead to ultimate union.

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