The ideal time to practice Yoga

Yoga Netri

They say there is a right time for everything in life. Our human bodies are connected to the entire cosmos in ways beyond comprehension. The solar & lunar cycles affect our very being. Yoga is one way is a science that works with the deeper dimensions of a human being which are connected to the universe. Keeping this perspective in mind it is important that Yoga is practiced during the right time of the day in order to fulfill its true purpose.

Yogic practices give rise to the ‘Ushna’ quality of the human system. Ushna roughly means heat, heat not in terms of degrees Celsius but experiential heat. Yoga evolved in the Indian region; India falls in the tropical region of the planet where the temperatures are relatively high due to more exposure to the sun. Cellular level damage can occur if the outside temperature is high and the ushna quality rises beyond a certain point. That is why it is recommended that yogic practices must be done during the cooler parts of the day, i.e. sunrise or sunset.

The ideal time to practice Yoga is during the Sandhya Kalas. 20 minutes before and after sunrise, noon & sunset is known as Sandhya Kala period or the transition period. It is believed in the Yogic culture that during this period the flow of energy is in an upward state. So naturally practicing Yoga during Sandhya Kalas would help you go beyond your limitations. Limitations here mean the core fundamental aspects about yourself which include but are not limited to the biological aspects you inherited from your parents, your karmic substance, the compulsions you picked up knowingly or unknowingly... everything. Yoga essentially helps you reshape yourself entirely and go beyond your core nature.

The best time to practice Yoga is during the Brahma Muhurta period (The Creator’s hour). This is the last quarter of the night – from 3.30 am local time till sunrise. In this period Earth’s position to that of the sun & the moon is such that physiological changes happen in the human system. During this period the concentration level is at a peak. The human body is in a conducive state, practicing Yoga in this period will help increase the Sattva guna (a positive quality) in the system. During this period there is an intrinsic production of Melatonin which is a release of the pineal gland. Melatonin also is known as the mood-stabilizing hormone is at peak during night and recedes as sunrise approaches. This is backed by modern science. A yogi would want to make the most out of this state.

In conclusion, if one wants to rise beyond physical nature and explore the inner dimensions Brahma Muhurta is the best time to do Yogic practices. If one only seeks the physical benefits of doing yoga then Sandhya Kala around sunrise is the ideal time to practice Yoga.


Article by Harshal Pote