The benefits of practicing yoga in Consecrated Spaces like Yoga Netri Studio

Yoga Netri shares the benefits of consecrated spaces and the widespread influence they can have on human life. Yoga Netri Studio in Austin, Texas is one place where many yoga practitioners have experienced a dimension, a science, and a technology in such a way that their whole energy system bursts forth. 

Consecration is a concentrated life process. No human being should live in unconsecrated spaces. If you care for humanity, especially children below fourteen years of age, make sure they spend a certain amount of time in consecrated spaces. This will make their growth easier without any adolescent problems. 

You are looking at life's process as a problem. You are making it a problem because you are trying to fit life into your intellect. No, your intellect fits into this life perfectly well. If you try to fit this life into this intellect, it is not going to work. 

Everyone must constantly live in consecrated space because if you want to produce generations of enhanced human beings you need this kind of space, otherwise only by accident somebody may become something, you won’t produce a generation of beautiful people. Indian culture produced a galaxy of knowledge, a galaxy of enlightened beings. Every generation produced this simply because they took care of any number of aspects. Nowhere else on this planet have single generations of people risen to such glorious heights of knowing as this culture has known, but all that got fractured in the last few hundred years. In the last 800 to 900 years this got badly fractured because of invasions and displacement of people and so many things.

You can produce very great intellects, very great energy, as human beings carrying a phenomenal sense of energy and intellect and capability if you create large spaces of consecrated space where the whole generation of people are in touch with that kind of energy and space.

Consecration is a dimension, a science, and a technology with which you concentrate life in such a way your whole energy system bursts forth. Yoga Netri is a space like this. If people just walk in, because of the sheer intensity, simply tears start flowing. They don't know why. Every day, your cheeks should be washed with tears of love, joy, and ecstasy. If this doesn't happen, you're not living yet. 

“Sitting in the Yoga Netri Studio in front of Sadhguru shuts off the noise in my head and energizes me on a completely different level.” – Brian, 24, Texas