Navratri - Nine Nights of the Divine Feminine - Part 1

Navratri is a celebration of the divine feminine that is replete with rich traditions like golu and dandia, elaborate rituals of worshiping Devi, and powerful sadhana that one can use for their spiritual growth.

What is Navratri and when is Navratri in 2022?

Did you know that there is a Navratri every month? “Navratri” literally means “Nine nights” in Sanskrit. The first nine nights after the new moon in the lunar calendar are called Navratri, a period considered feminine in nature. 

Navratri 2022 begins on 26 September 2022 and ends on 4 October 2022. 

In Yogic culture, which follows the lunar calendar, this particular Navratri, starts after the auspicious day of Mahalaya Amavasya (Pitru Paksha), marks the start of the Devi Pada – the quarter of the year when the whole northern hemisphere of the Earth imbibes the gentleness of the divine feminine. In the Indian culture, this is a time when Devi is celebrated in all her aspects and all her glory through nine days of offerings, rituals and celebrations. 

Why fast during Navratri?

Navratri fast is observed on all nine days in most parts of India. Culturally, Navratri is a celebration of the feminine as the vanquisher of evils. This is a time when everything on the planet slows down and physically, too, the body enters a period of lethargy, spurred on by the change in seasons with the onset of winter. Fasting during this time is conducive to building immunity in the body by cleansing out all the toxins that may have accumulated. Spiritually, observing a fast or replacing the intake of heavy grains with sattvic foods like fresh fruits and vegetables brings energy and balance to the system. 

Navratri Sadhana

Sadhguru has created a special sadhana that can be done during this Navratri period to help a devotee become more receptive to Devi's grace. Especially if you are fasting during Navratri, the sadhana will be a support to the system during this time. 


The divine feminine is an expression of exuberance. May you know the bounty of exuberance this Navratri.


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