Make this winter a sweet one with the benefits of gur or jaggery

Winter is here, and it's time for additions to your diet! Don’t miss out on gur or jaggery to boost your health and well-being during the chilly season.

Jaggery is the unrefined, raw form of sugar that was used in ancient times. It is widely used in India and South Asia as a sweetener. It retains the minerals, nutrients, and vitamins present in cane juice. It is used in Ayurveda – the ancient Indian medical system – to treat dry cough, improve digestion, and cure a host of other health issues

Jaggery is not only a natural and healthy sweetener when compared to white sugar but also because its mineral content is considered to be much higher.

Jaggery is packed with calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and phosphorus. No wonder then that eating jaggery, especially during the winter season, has many potential benefits. Yoga Netri shares some health benefits you can garner by including more jaggery into your diet.

1. Cleanses the whole body

According to a study, the antioxidants and minerals in jaggery give it a cytoprotective quality, meaning that not only can it clear the mucus off the lungs but also cleans the respiratory and digestive tracts from the inside out. In fact, eating jaggery at least once daily can help detox your entire body.

2. Improves digestion 

There’s a reason why jaggery is usually consumed after meals as a dessert. It stimulates the bowels and aids the release of digestive enzymes. It is also believed that jaggery is great for people who suffer from constipation and other digestive issues.

3. Prevents anemia

As mentioned before, jaggery is packed with minerals like iron and phosphorus, which aid in the production of hemoglobin in the body. For people with low iron in their diet or at risk of developing iron-deficiency anemia, consuming jaggery is an effective preventive measure.

4. Improves immune function

Any food that’s packed with nutrients and helps detox the body is great for your immune system and so, jaggery is believed to be one of the best immune-boosting foods available to humankind. This is also the reason why jaggery is consumed more during winter when your body needs that extra immunity boost to help keep cold, flu and other diseases at bay.

5. Aids glucose control and weight loss

Jaggery is a great alternative to white sugar, which is known to increase your blood glucose levels and the risk of weight gain and obesity. Opting for jaggery as a sweetener can not only keep your blood sugar levels in check but also help you control your weight better. What’s more, jaggery can keep you feeling full for longer, which can also help you control your cravings when you’re trying to lose weight.


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