Let’s talk sugar?

Historically, sugar was used in its unrefined, raw form, taken directly from sugarcane juice. Today, however, much of the commercially available sugar is chemically processed and refined, such refined sugar provides “empty calories” because the refining process removes almost all vitamins and minerals, drastically depleting the nutritional value of the sugar.

Refined white sugar is well known as one of the five white poisons. It contains zero nutrients, raises blood sugar which creates hormonal imbalances and also feeds the bad bacteria in our gut, which can lower our immune response and hamper the absorption of nutrients. 

This World Food Day, Yoga Netri shares with you natural sweeteners that provide great alternatives to processed sugars which can be easily substituted into your cooking.

Here are some alternatives which might help you:


Jaggery is the unrefined, raw form of sugar that was used in ancient times. It retains the minerals, nutrients, and vitamins present in cane juice

Note: Today, super-phosphate is added in some types of jaggery as well. White, neat-looking jaggery is super-phosphate jaggery. It should be avoided. Instead, go for the “ugly”, dark-looking jaggery.



Honey is a wonderful, natural substitute for sugar. Daily consumption of honey can do a lot, especially for people with excess mucus problems and asthma. Honey is very good for the heart and brain and keeps the mind alert.

When honey is mixed with tepid water and consumed every day, it raises the red blood cell (RBC) count in the circulatory system, enhances the blood’s hemoglobin levels, which takes care of anemic conditions.

Note: Honey should not be cooked. That makes it poisonous. Mix honey with tepid or warm water, not in boiling hot water. Honey should also not be given to children under the age of one.


Fruits and dry fruits

They work well in many desserts and smoothies. 

Note: If you are not diabetic, dates, jaggery, or liquid jaggery can work well in all hot beverages and most Indian desserts too. Try some recipes that use Date as the sweetener : Date delight



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