How to Deal with Mobile Addiction?

Ping! Ping! Ping! Whether it’s Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or whatever, are you constantly distracted by your mobile? those who are glued to their phones – what was a convenience has been turned into a problem. Even if you switch off, the world will go on just fine!


If you think your phone is a distraction, imagine sitting like Adiyogi at Kailash, let us say at, minus fifteen degrees Celsius! That is far more distracting. The mobile phone is for your convenience. The purpose of empowering ourselves technologically is to make our activities easier and to enhance our lives. If you get your work done more quickly, you should have more time to meditate. Complaining About Convenience Instead of enjoying such convenience, you are complaining about it. It becomes an issue because if you start doing something, you do not know when to stop – even with the simplest things. If you start eating, you do not know when to stop. The problem is not the conveniences we have – the problem is lack of consciousness. Things that should be a solution to enhance our lives and make them easy, we are turning them into a problem, out of ignorance.

Is it possible to sit still today with WhatsApp constantly pinging? Yes – you can switch off the phone. The world will go on just fine without your interference. You will realize this if you switch off your phone now. If you realize it now, you will do many things more sensibly.

Source: Isha website

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