Finding Inner Peace: My Experience Hosting a Yoga Retreat with Soul Sisters in Auroville

As a yoga instructor, hosting the Soul Sister's retreat in Auroville, South India was truly an astounding adventure. For four days straight, I along with my co-host Nirali, accompanied and guided a group of women as they embarked on path of self-reflection, inner-therapeutic work and rejuvenation. Intended to assist participants in connecting with other like-minded females while nurturing their emotional, physical and spiritual well-being through various wellness-practices such as Hatha yoga by Isha Foundation,different forms of meditation etc., we spent our time challenging ourselves by paradoxically letting go while surrounded by Mother Nature’s idyllic calmness. To see the women genuinely disconnect from everyday pressure successfully and fully surrender themselves to their surroundings was truly awe-inspiring - just one of many magical moments had in Indiа's heavensent Auroville!|

Throughout the retreat, we explored a comprehensive approach to wellness that addressed the interdependence of mental and physical health. While we dedicated time each day to performing postures, such as yoga asanas, that honed bodily strength and flexibility, we also developed pranayama techniques to manage stress and negativity in the mind. In addition to these practices, we embraced self-care activities such as cultivating mindfulness so that women could tend towards their overall well-being with care and consideration.

The Soul Sisters yoga and wellness retreat proved to be an unforgettable experience for the attendees as well as myself. The all-encompassing transformation that took place during the duration of the retreat could not have been more astonishing. As their guide, it was a privilege to witness each individual's evolution throughout these few days centred around self-discovery. I believe every woman there is better equipped moving forward to confront life's challenging moments thanks to this experience; they have gained triumph over fears and doubts in themselves.

After the success of our first Soul Sisters Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Auroville, we are excited to announce that we are planning a second one soon. We were deeply touched by the transformative experiences and stories we heard from the participants of the first retreat, and we can't wait to offer this opportunity to more women.

Stay tuned for more details about our upcoming retreat. We will be announcing the dates and location soon, and we can't wait to share this beautiful experience with even more women. Join us for a journey of self-discovery, community, and inner peace.