4 Tips to Stop Snoring and Clear a Blocked Nose

If you can’t stop snoring, or you find your nostrils constantly blocked, these tips from Yoga Netri will help you breathe freely and enjoy better quality sleep.



1 Find a Cure for Snoring

 Best Sleeping Position for Snoring

One thing to check is your sleeping posture. People who snore tend to sleep on their back. If you sleep on your side, it could go away. Also, if you work to tighten your gut, your snoring can stop.

 Take Some Honey Before Sleep

Another thing is, just before you sleep, if you put a few drops of honey in your mouth and sleep, snoring could go away.


2 Blocked Nose Home Remedies

Before you go to bed, blow your nostrils out and make it as clear as possible so that snoring at least starts later in the night. Otherwise, if it is more stubborn, you can use ghee. If you heat butter beyond a certain point, when it cools down it will not become butter again – it will become ghee or clarified butter.

If your nostrils are constantly blocked, it is not just about the breath – it affects the whole system in many different ways.

For about seven to ten days, if you take two drops of warm ghee and use it like a nasal drop in the night before you go to bed, it has a certain impact on you, plus it also lubricates the nasal passage, so that in the morning you can get the mucus out very easily and you will have clean nostrils.


Otherwise a simpler thing is, today in the pharmacy you can get saline nasal sprays which are just pure saline water. You can spray that. This will also clear the nasal passage to some extent.


If your nostrils are constantly blocked, it is not just about the breath – it affects the whole system in many different ways. So it is important that you have free passage of breath all the time. How clear your sinuses are and how well-balanced the fluids are – especially in the head region – determines a variety of things, including your brain function, your sense of wellbeing, your sense of balance, the sharpness of your intellect, and the sharpness of the five senses.


If blocked nostrils are a chronic problem which is bothering you on a daily basis, there are a few things you can try.


3 Take a Quick Jog

Start jogging on a daily basis, at least for five to ten minutes. Even if you are just jogging on the spot with your mouth closed, it could clear up.


4 Yoga for Blocked Nose

 If you have a very tough nasal situation which does not clear up with any of these things, there is a kriya which is called Jala Neti. It needs a certain amount of preparation. Though these things are being taught in various studios without the necessary preparation, it will not be wise to simply pour water into your nose. This practice has to be properly imparted.

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